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Junior Committee

The Junior Committee is to allow students in grades 9th - 12th become more involved in the Fair Association through activities and community service. Students must be or become a Fair member, and be willing to commit to attending membership meetings and work shifts to be eligible for this very special program.

The purpose of the Junior Committee is to provide young adults with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, perform community service and become aware of the business and operations of the Montgomery County Fair. Junior Committee member duties will include providing outreach in the members' communities and schools as well as providing assistance to volunteers and staff during the Fair. The Junior Committee efforts could also include set up in all departments including fundraisers, grounds preparation and office preparation. During the Fair, members will assist with various tasks based on the requests of Chairmen from existing committees. Tasks could also include assisting with special contests on stages and/or in departments, help conduct opening ceremonies and award presentations, have opportunities to assist with entertainment and stage acts, and provide general assistance as needed.

This is an incredible opportunity to expose a select group of individuals to a very unique and exciting industry and allow students a glimpse at the logistics of the Fair, while providing educational and fun opportunities throughout the year.


2018 MCFA Junior Committee Members

Abbey Anderson Alex Cikalo
Alyssa Caka Ashlyn Real
Aubrey Parker Austin Maire
Bailey Lacase Bailey Rodriguez
Bailie Lucius Bayleigh Norman
Brooke McClelland Chad Coker
Charlie Collier Cheyenne Neal
Cheyenne Uttinger Christina Vincent
Cody Green Cody Holt
Colton Curry Cutter Carwile
Danae Lesner Emma Baskin
Gabby Pena Grace Hoegemeyer
Hannah DeClaris Hannah Potter
Hayden Feist Jaci Nix
Jake Carwile Jessie Coker
Julie Webb Justin Gates
Kara Lambert Kassi Koy
Kayla Hadash Kelsey Hegemeyer
Kolby Hughes Kyler Kitkoski
Lacey Dechow Logan Dupuis
Lorin Uttinger Luke Blume
Madison Garcia Mallory Rhodes
Marissa Reed Mason Dupuis
Max O'Brien Michaela Fleming
Morgan Hoffart Sara Wade
Sierra Ann Reynolds Skylar Willard
Sydni Ward Taycee Aragon
Tess O'Brien
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