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The Montgomery County Fair Association is proud to have awarded $145,500 to Montgomery County youth in 2019. Fifty $2,500 scholarships were awarded to seniors in Montgomery County based on their scholarship application. Another twelve scholarships were awarded to youth through their participation in an event during the fair ranging from $500 to $3,500.

The 2020 MCFA Senior Scholarship Application is now available! See below for the Application in PDF format.

Congratulations to the 2019 recipients!

Abbey Anderson, Magnolia West HS
Aiyana Holloman, Porter HS
Allie Sykora
Amanda Harrell, New Caney HS
Anzleigh Thomas, Conroe HS
Austin Maire, Willis HS
Avery Causey, Conroe HS
Bailey Soto, Willis HS
Brooke Mcclelland, Willis HS
Carsen Rushing, Porter HS
Chhun Hong, Magnolia West HS
Claire Fowell, The Woodlands College Park HS
Colton Walker, Porter HS
Daniel Gomez, Willis HS
Drew Cheshire, Magnolia West HS
Dulce Ayala, Splendora HS
Edwin Matias, Oak Ridge HS
Emily Gill, Montgomery HS
Evie Nichols, Homeschool
Finn Romanchuk, Homeschool


Grace Hoegemeyer, Willis HS
Gracie Evers, Porter HS
Hayden Demny, Magnolia HS
Hayley Mcgee, Caney Creek HS
Jakob Dunn, Splendora HS
Jamie Threadgill, Conroe HS
Jennifer Martinez, Caney Creek HS
Jennifer Perez, Willis HS
Jesus Guerrero, Caney Creek HS
Kacie Mcintosh, Magnolia West HS
Kailee Kitchen, Splendora HS
Kaylee Pratt, Covenant Christian School
Kendall May, Magnolia West HS
Kevin Flores, Caney Creek HS
Kolby Hughes, Willis HS
Lauren Mcclatchy, Willis HS
Leilani Castillo, Conroe HS
Lilly Johnson, Willis HS
Lilly Romanchuk, Homeschool
Madison Brown, Splendora HS

Mariah Nichols, Caney Creek HS
Marie Yanchak, Magnolia HS
Melissa Villanueva, Caney Creek HS
Minahal Mahmood, Conroe HS
Mitchell Zillmer, Caney Creek HS
Neha Deshmukh, The Woodlands HS
Rachel Ortale, Montgomery HS
Rikki Ashy, Porter HS
Sabrina Camacho, The Woodlands College Park
Savannah Stepp, Caney Creek HS
Shaylin Ardoin, Caney Creek HS
Shelby Denton, Splendora HS
Shelby John, Magnolia West HS
Silvia Arroyo, Caney Creek HS
Tiffany Guevara, Caney Creek HS
Toria Dutton, Magnolia HS
Tyler Sprayberry, Willis HS
Victoria Rangel, Caney Creek HS
Zachary Wimberly, Conroe HS
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