2021 Planning Update
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2021 Planning Update

September 25, 2020

Planning for the 2021 Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo began the moment we knew we were going to miss out on our great tradition in 2020. Through the hard work of our dedicated volunteers and the support of our community partners and sponsors, we are continuing to work, learn, and grow, during this time of frequent change and challenge.

I am hopeful that when we kick off the 64th annual Montgomery County Fair on April 9, 2021, the world will look different than it does today with regards to the coronavirus pandemic. While I think all of us wish that we could look down the road and predict that future, we cannot. Instead, we must remain focused on our core beliefs and our mission, be open to new ideas, and learn as much as we can to make an informed decision with regards to the health and safety of our Fair family, community and all of the guests that come to enjoy our Fair and Rodeo.

We are actively and continuously working with experts in the community and government to inform our planning and decision-making process as we begin our pre-fair events and draw closer to the 2021 Montgomery County Fair. We are also closely monitoring our industry peers and learning from their successes. And I am happy to report, there are successes!

Just last week we held our Market Steer tag-in and had over 130 steers tagged in for the 2021 contest! That tells me that you all, like me, are ready to get back to those activities, events and traditions, we cherish and love so much.

So again, while we unfortunately cannot predict the future, we can do our best to be prepared for it, and I wanted to let you all know, that we are doing just that. We will remain optimistic about a full and complete 2021 Fair and will work every day towards that goal. In the event plans need to change, we have numerous contingencies in place and will do our best to communicate quickly and clearly so that we can all adjust if needed.

I hope y’all are as excited about the 2021 Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo as I am, and I look forward to all of us getting back to our Texas Traditions, Youth & Education!

All my best,

Cody Bartlett


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