65 & Older Show
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65 & Older Show

Date: Mar 31, 2020
This show takes place for our Older and Wiser crowd during Sr. Citizens day.

Must be 65 years of age AND a resident of Montgomery County or a full time resident of a convalescent center IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY.

No entry fees taken.
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Best of Division XX Breads XX Virgie Ellington
Best of Division Canned Foods Mary Rush
2nd Place Canned Foods Jack Hallonquist
3rd Place Canned Foods Ernie Halsell
Best of Division Desserts Susan Beasley
2nd Place Desserts Virgie Ellington
3rd Place Desserts Billie Dismuke
Best of Division Fine Arts Sidne Eagan
2nd Place X Fine Arts X Norma Wampler
3rd Place Fine Arts Fumiko Lyu
Best of Division Handicraft James Green
2nd Place Handicraft Cheryl Huckaby
3rd Place Handicraft Charles De Sutter
Best of Division Horticulture Virgie Ellington
Best of Division Needlework Beverly Beck
2nd Place Needlework Carol Smith
3rd Place Needlework Mary Kadlubar
Best of Division Photography Beverly Beck
2nd Place Photography Mary Fuller
3rd Place Photography Marcile Faulkner
Best of Division Quilts Juanita " Teena" Earnheart
2nd Place Quilts Juanita " Teena" Earnheart
3rd Place Quilts Gilma Mauch
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